MLER is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal field through our year round programming.  As MLER celebrates its 35th year and move toward our future, we are more than a bar prep program.  We have evolved to be the premier value added organization that carries out our mission through our bar process management program and collaborative dynamic pipeline programming.

Our Programs

MLER is dedicated to achieving our mission through our Bar Process Management Program (the “Program”) and our strategic partnerships with peer organizations. Our partnerships allow us to expand our reach and strengthen our impact towards our central mission.

Our Bar Exam Preparation Program is offered twice a year, January and June, in preparation for the Library Study Illinois Bar Exams conducted in February and July, respectively. Each Program session lasts approximately six weeks and consists of small group meetings and large group lectures. Every week students are given a practice exam which includes both essay and Multistate Bar Exam questions. Generally, three licensed attorneys tutor each small group and, on a weekly basis, the tutors grade and provide personalized feedback on each student’ s practice essay exams. Students who are repeat test-takers are given additional attention through weekly homework assignments which are also evaluated by our tutors. MLER also conducts a DIRAC (Decision, Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion) clinic, a Multistate Performance Test clinic, and a full-day simulated Multistate Essay Examination.

Bar Process Management Program

Our flagship program is the Bar Process Management Program. It is offered in January and June, in preparation for the Illinois Bar Exams. Each Program term lasts approximately six or seven weeks and consists of small group meetings and large group lectures. Each session consists of weekly practice exams that includes both essay and Multistate Bar Exam questions, feedback on exams and the exam taking process, clinics on essay writing, the MPT and the MBE. We offer a specialized program for our repeat test-taker which includes additional attention through weekly homework assignments. The Program is distinguished through the dedicated support of our tutors and the invaluable tips and tools we provide on how to balance the stresses during the bar exam preparation period.

MLER Diversity Pipeline Program

MLER Diversity Pipeline Program is MLER’s mechanism to partner with various organizations to introduce high school and college students to the legal profession, and to assist law school students in their studies and professional development.  These programs inspire high academic and personal achievement and help promote increased enrollment of underrepresented students in law schools by addressing educational and social barriers by conducting workshops for students as early as the ninth grade.  Our key collaborations and are with:

The Just the Beginning Foundation (JTBF)
MLER designs and deliver curriculum to expose and ensure diverse students can successfully explore are a profession in federal judicial system. Our curriculum imparts the necessary skills diverse students need to build their professional toolboxes and to successfully compete for highly selective positions as legal professionals. MLER delivers legal writing and research curriculum for JTBF’s Summer Judicial Intership Program.

Chicago Consortium of Diversity Professionals (the Consortium)
MLER designs and delivers curriculum and helps develop programming to the Consortium’s JumpStart program. Our curriculum and programs helps diverse students to develop and strengthen the skills they need to successfully navigate the highly competitive environment of law school and to help facilitate a smooth entry into the legal profession.